PW! Parent Education, Advocacy, Support, and Services

The Parenting Education, Advocacy, Support, and Services (PEASS)  Task Force works to expand the number of parenting classes offered in Clallam County and expand the definition of Parenting Education beyond a traditional classroom format.   PEASS promotes local Home Visiting programs and practices as effective parent education strategies.

PEASS provides leadership for parenting classes by bringing together agencies who provide parenting education classes, and through training and support of agency staff who offer parenting education and support.   Parenting support may take the form of formal parenting classes, Play and Learn Groups, Early Learning Directory for preschool and childcare in Clallam County, and/or social norming for effective parenting education.

Through PEASS, we have a large library of parenting education curriculums that can be borrowed by others across Clallam County.  Please email us for more information.

PEASS also works to keep local community leaders aware of local, state and national trends and best practices in Parenting Education Advocacy and Support Services.

PEASS Goals:

  • Continue to offer and promote parenting education classes throughout the county, evaluate their effectiveness and seek additional funding for parenting education.
  • Stay connected with the parenting education field on the local, state and national level and promotes continual development of our capacity in Clallam County.
  • Continue to identify parenting education facilitator training needs.
  • Explore other means and formats for educating and supporting parents / caregivers and implement those as appropriate.
  • Embed in all our work a social norm component for parenting education and what parenting education can look like.
  • Align and coordinate with other committee and community partners to help each other and to ensure we are not duplicating services.
  • Create a shared emails list to inform all agencies and interested individuals who are invested in providing parenting education or making referrals for their clients to other parenting education opportunities; the goal is to share opportunities and to support calendaring for services to avoid duplication and conflicts.

Home Visiting Goals:

  • Identify opportunities to expand Home Visiting Services county wide and support local Home Visiting providers to access these resources.
  • Promote family success by seeking to increase populations served through home visiting.
  • Emphasize the need to focus on home visiting services in the West End communities and in the Tribal Communities.
  • Identify reimbursement and sustainability concerns faced by Home Visiting programs and look for opportunities to assist Home Visiting providers in delivering their services.
  • Facilitate development and submission of applications for public and private non-profit funding for Home Visiting programs.
  • Promote collaboration between service providers who provide Home Visiting services.  This would include planning for and facilitating work around appropriate and effective referrals systems and processes.
  • Promote collaboration between Home Visiting providers to support one another in our mission to serve and empower families.
  • Identify training needs of the Home Visiting community and when possible work together to provide those training opportunities.
  • Create a learning community where we will share emerging research and information about the Home Visiting field.
  • Create and maintain a current list of Home Visiting services in Clallam County.



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Resources for Parent Education Classes

Evaluation Tool (Early Childhood Classes)    Spanish

Evaluation Tool (Elementary Age Classes)     Spanish Elem

Evaluation Tool (Middle School Classes)

Find out about the different video based curricula (Excel) that are available in Clallam County.

Archived Files

The Incredible Years “Train the Trainer” 1/08 Evaluation

Parent Ed Summit – 11/1/07        Seat Time Stipend

Previous Parenting Ed Summit (10/1/04)

View results or Parent Education Summit Evaluation (2001)

View results of Parent Education Summit Survey (2000)

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