Mission: Prevention Works! is a coalition that promotes positive childhoods in Clallam County.
Vision: All children of Clallam County will thriv

Prevention Works! is a 501c3 all volunteer community coalition founded in 1998.  Members are dedicated to the wellbeing of all Clallam County children, through enhancing services and education for children/youth, parents and professionals throughout the county.  Adopting a catalyst role, Prevention Works! coordinates and collaborates with many partners, community leaders and organizations.  Using tools of advocacy, coordination, and education our goal is to raise awareness and expand knowledge about positive child development, effective prevention measures and potential interventions all designed to improve the wellbeing of the children of Clallam County.

Prevention Works!’ primary focus for 2021-2023 is on children birth through eight.

Our purpose is to increase:

  • awareness of ways to help children be healthy (physically, mentally and emotionally);
  • understanding of the link between strong prevention efforts, positive parenting to reduce child abuse, neglect, youth violence and substance abuse and increase positive connections that help children thrive;
  • practical ways citizens can get involved in effective prevention;
  • local public and private financial investment to help children and families thrive; and
  • coordination between local agencies and strengthen our community through best practices for children.

Strategic Priorities 2021-2023

  1. CHILD CARE CRISIS:  Create a new community task force focused on the expansion of quality child care throughout the county.  We are currently in a crisis with very limited child care options.
  2. RAISING AWARENESS:  Create a new community media task force focused on the expansion of quality messaging about children, their development and parenting throughout the county.
  3. UNIVERSAL SCREENING:  Continue support for Child Check, a free, universal screening program for social, emotional and behavioral concerns available for all children in the county, ages 18 months to five years of age. (Contact Lutheran Social Services NW 360-452-5437)
  4. PARENT/FAMILY EDUCATION:  Expand effective updated parent/family education programs throughout the county.
  5. ACES/NEAR SCIENCE:  Advance training events for professionals, parent and the general public to better understand the impact of ACES/NEAR Science on children’s brain development.
  6. TRAINING: Sponsor training events for community professionals and parents through education programs throughout the county.

View a current list of Prevention Works! Board of Directors >>

For information on events and trainings coming up in Clallam County, please visit the News & Events page.

To donate to Prevention Works!, please visit our donations page.

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